Why in the World Would You Hire a Broker?

This is a very good question. I hope to give you some logical answers. As you read through these ideas, keep in mind that they won’t all apply to everyone. If some ring true to you, maybe you should consider hiring me as your Broker to sell your airplane – it could mean a faster sale as well as save you of a whole lot of stress.

One of the main reasons you may want to hire a Broker to sell your airplane is time.  It takes time to put the advertising together and time to answer the emails or phone calls.  And then even more time to provide the information the potential Buyer may require.
Another is availability.  Phone calls can come in at very inopportune times – sometimes when you just aren’t willing to take the call.  Often people aren’t patient enough to leave a message.  Emails aren’t as demanding as phone calls but certainly need to be answered promptly to hold the interest of the potential Buyer.
As you can well imagine, the perspective of the Buyer is much different from the perspective of the Seller – and this can cause major problems.
Usually the Buyer has only so much money to spend and typically will want more airplane than he has money for – this is pretty much human nature.  As a result, the Buyer will often inquire about airplanes a little above his means and attempt to get the price down into an acceptable range through “negotiation.”
While Buyers are “negotiating”, Sellers are being offended by what they consider a personal affront to their pride and joy.  They have possibly spent many years and lots of money turning their airplane into the perfect flying machine.  This can result in an otherwise workable transaction falling apart.
I have worked with numerous Buyers and Sellers through the years.  With nearly every transaction I can recall at least one time the deal almost fell apart because of one party or the other being offended.  It is part of my job as your Broker is to keep this from happening by “buffering” the communications.
Other common issues are lack of communication or misunderstanding.  Just as these are common problems in any relationship between two people, add an airplane negotiation to the mix and it can be disastrous to the transaction.  Since I, as your Broker, don’t have the close emotional ties with either the airplane or the money being spent, I see things differently.  Again, I act as a buffer to keep things in check and communicate frequently with both the Buyer and the Seller.
And, of course, as your Broker I handle the more straightforward aspects of the transaction – setting the price and the closing paperwork.  These details are covered on the “How it Works” page.