How It Works

As you explore your options of hiring either a Buying or Selling Broker, please feel free to contact us with any questions you have regarding our services. There is no obligation and we are happy to pass along any information we can. Email, chat or phone is fine.
Here is how it works:

For Selling Broker First of all we talk about your airplane – the great qualities and the maybe not-so-great qualities. We will discuss ideas on pricing, marketing, goals and strategies. We will also talk about reaching an agreement to get your airplane on the market and sold as quickly as possible.
It is important to me that you are comfortable with whatever agreement we reach, so this process is a mutual communication. We then exchange an agreement by email or fax spelling out the length of the agreement, commission arrangement and other specifics.
I will research the market and create a Comparative Market Analysis based on airplanes with similar qualities as yours. I will also perform evaluations on the airplane so that we have all of the most current information available to make an informed decision. Together we agree on a listing price that will be the best price for you as the Seller, but a price that will also be competitive in the marketplace.
We then work out the details of marketing the airplane including listing information, marketplaces and other items that will make the process go smoothly. I take care of all of the marketing and inquiries on the airplane. If a buyer wants to communicate directly with you, the Seller, we work that out in a way that is most comfortable for you.
I do not need your airplane here at Rodeo to help you sell it – you keep it with you until it is sold. Most everything is handled by email and data transfer. When something physical needs to be exchanged it is done by USPS, UPS or Fedex. So, while your airplane is on the market it stays in your possession.
Once the airplane is on the market I will stay in close touch with you as to the inquiries and outcomes so you always have up-to-date knowledge on the progress of the sale. As we proceed, any changes that either one of us feel would be beneficial will be discussed and mutually agreed on.
When we have a Buyer I will handle the details of the deposit arrangements and paperwork. I will assist the Buyer in making arrangements for viewing and inspections. I will help with any details I can to make the transaction move along smoothly.
My goals as your Selling Broker are to sell your airplane for the best price possible with the least amount of stress for you while treating all parties with professionalism and respect. My rate is 5% of the gross sales price.  Please contact us via email, chat or phone at 877-209-7506.
For Buying Broker The initial agreement process is the same as for Selling Broker – open discussion.
Once I know what you are looking for I research what is available and present you with a list of options. When you have made some choices I then contact the sellers for specific details and proceed as if I were purchasing the airplane for myself. I would request logbook details, airworthiness directive information, avionics logs (if available) and photos specific to areas of concern or interest.
If necessary I would speak to maintenance personnel with knowledge of the airplane for more detailed information. Throughout this process I would be in close contact with you as to what I am finding and my recommendations. When we find an airplane that fits your criteria, we will proceed with an offer. If the offer is accepted we draft a proposed purchase agreement and agree on a deposit amount and terms of the deposit. I will order the Title Search and arrange a pre-purchase inspection.
When all of the information is collected and you are ready to complete the transaction, I will make necessary arrangements to complete the transaction and work out the details of taking possession of the airplane.
Each airplane sale is unique. Please be aware that the steps above are rather general and the order in which they are performed will be dictated by the circumstances particular to the transaction. My goals as your Buying Broker are to find you an airplane that best meets your criteria as quickly as possible as well as advise you on the details so you are comfortable and confident with the purchase.  My rate for this service varies depending on the time involved to find your airplane.  I am happy to discuss this with you.
Please contact us via email, chat or phone at 877-209-7506.