Aircraft Broker Code of Ethics


1)    In line with my profession, I will devote the time and resources required to remain current on the changes, trends and events which may be expected to impact my client's transactions;

2)   I will devote the appropriate time and energies to perform due diligence in the performance of my duties, to the level my clients should reasonably expect for a transaction of the magnitude they have hired me to perform;

3)   I will protect the interests of my clients, without undue disregard for the welfare of the other parties involved;

4)    I will honestly represent to each client any areas in which my expertise may not be sufficient to a given task and assist them in obtaining additional resources which can supplement their needs and interests;

5)    I will clearly represent my affiliation with any individual, company, aircraft or transaction to my clients – in writing where appropriate;

6)    I will disclose in writing all commissions, including referral fees or any compensation whatsoever which I shall receive or pay on behalf of a given transaction, to my clients in an appropriately timely manner;

7)   I will put in writing to every reasonable extent, documents, communications, and especially financial matters and assure all parties receive documents in their entirety;

8)   I will act in a timely manner, both in daily activities such as returning calls or correspondence and in larger matters such as presenting offers immediately upon receipt;

9)   I will treat all parties, including lower tier employees, directly or indirectly related to a transaction with respect for their time and their interests;

10)   I will retain documents for at least three years upon completion of transactions;

11)    I will act to preserve the privacy of clients and their transactions, including their contact and financial information and any specifics of a transaction, before, during and after said transactions;

12)   I will assure the people with whom I work and affiliate, as well as newcomers to the industry (whether as an Aircraft Sales Professional or a Principal) understand the importance these principles to both our industry and myself.