About Us


We are Rick and Cleo Chamberlain.

We have been in aviation together since 1978 when we started an FBO in Alaska. During our ten years in Alaska, Rick taught Cleo to fly and she became an Instructor also. He also tutored her in the ways of airframe and powerplant mechanics and she achieved her A&P certificate. We both hold Inspection Authorization certificates.

In 1988 we closed the Alaska business for warmer Tucson, Arizona. There, we lived on an Airpark and ran a maintenance and flight training business. With the influx of non-aviation minded  neighbors, the Airpark no longer fit our needs, so we migrated to the wide-open spaces of New Mexico. In 2002 we moved to Rodeo, New Mexico to continue our aviation ventures and realize nearly every pilots' dream – our very own airport.

Here in Rodeo we are still working on airplanes and teaching people to fly. Rick is working toward the rebuilding and restoring part of maintenance while still performing annual inspections and regular maintenance for our clients. Cleo does the airplane brokering, most of the instructing and airport maintenance.


There should be enough room here at our airport to do whatever it is we can dream up to do. The climate couldn't be better and our neighbors are friendly. With great views of the Chiricahua and Peloncillo Mountains and blue skies most of the time, the vast open spaces suit us well.

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